Out again...and some changes

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Well DSC1 completed and passed, I have the certificate, I have the all I need is the deer.

Well I went out last weekend with Barry again. He hasn't had many people out on the land recently so we had high hopes for seeing a few deer and with the season being right, we could shoot what came out, unlike my last attempt at the same spot, where with light fading it was very difficult to determine the sex of the one deer who did come into range...

With hopes high we position ourselves in a similar spot and proceeded to see what was what - we did a bit of catching up as I hadn't seen Barry for a while, and after a short while, I spotted movement about 250 meters to our right, unfortunately the three bucks were moving away from us, however it did leave me confident something would show itself.

Unfortunately we spent a few deerless hrs and it wasn't until around 3:30 when my hopes really started to fade when the sound of motocross bikes were heard in the woods - they aren't supposed to be there, but what can you do.

As it was, we waited till we could no longer see effectively then called it day, we went and had a better look at the "deer highway" in the mud where they had been coming in and out of the woods and then went and reset the trailcam.

I hope to go back soon and try again....I will get there and bag my first beast soon. I have promised Barry it will be with him, as he has put in the hard work too!!!

As an aside I got my FAC back the other day a three week turn around from West Mercia, which I was very happy with.
Open certificate, and a few condition amendments which make my stalking opportunities a bit easier.
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  1. SimpleSimon's Avatar
    You're as bad as me!
    I feel for Barry, he keeps doing his best to get the pair of us on a deer and we have no joy...