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The Perfect Stick to Use on a Hunt

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There are a great many different sticks on the market today suitable to take with you on a hunt. Some people like to have their hands free and some like to carry a stick with it's ample uses and practicality. The handmade sticks you will at [url=""]Walking Sticks from Emilyhannah Ltd. Over 900 Different Walking Canes in Stock[/url] are produced by two stick makers who both enjoy hunting and fishing. They are also both engineers and so are very qualified to make strong, reliable sticks.

So-called "beagling" or "beating" sticks are long wooden poles used by the person in front to swing and beat the under growth ahead to flush out the game. Thumbsticks can also be used for this. One-piece knobsticks and cross head sticks can be made to be quite weighty and long and are also useful for this purpose.
Magnetic topped sticks are excellent for picking up spent cartridges without having to bend down to get them. The magnets should always be in the top of the stick handle and not at the other end of the stick so that you don't collect all kinds of bits of metal while walking along.

Thumbsticks and wading sticks are another popular choice. Thumbsticks are like the wooden hiking sticks but with Y shaped handles that are held with the thumb hooked over the V or leaned on with the forearm leaning in the V. Wading sticks are the same as thumbsticks but have a weighted end and a long lanyard that wraps around the upper body. Wading sticks are used by fishermen for keeping their balance in rivers and testing the depth of the water. The weighted end keeps the stick from floating off downstream, as does the lanyard.

Shooting sticks are another popular choice for hunting and fishing expeditions. Stick seats or "shooting sticks" are strong metal seats with leather sling seats and pointed ends that push down into the ground. The seat swivels so you can track the course of your prey and the
pointed end has a ground plate to prevent the shaft from sinking into the ground.

Red stag antler and sika antler is widely used to make the handles for various country sticks, thus joining the two pursuits of stick making and deer stalking (although it is the naturally cast antlers that are used).