First Steps on sponsored DSC1

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You might have seen on other threads that I have been lucky enough to be selected for sponsorship for DSC1 with Pierred in July. To say I was chuffed was an understatement. I've been at this stalking game for about a year, having come from a completely non hunting background. I got into the sport through my love of food and cooking and have had several guided roe stalks now across the north of England and the borders. However I am yet to release a shot due to either not seeing the right sex of deer, or most recently not being able to accurately sexy deer in the dying light.

Anyway, the reality has struck! I got my training materials and also bought the CDs from Galloway field sports (which are superb for the drive to work, although I find myself answering all the questions with a Scottish accent). However I came back to earth with a bump last week after a day at the range practicing off sticks. I have plenty of work to do on this area as I had the confidence of all shots being inside a 10p piece of the bench rest, but off the sticks I'm lucky if they fit on a dinner plate.

Anyway, watch this space and I'll update as best I can about the process and hopefully a few others can learn a thing or two in preparation for their DSC.



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    Had some more range time today and felt hugely better. I'd been practicing dry firing off sticks in the bedroom and was surprised at how well this carried over. I was comfortably grouping within a 50p piece at 100m, so I'd define rely recommend this. I also practiced kneeling at 100m as well and surprised myself on this front as well as I had no issues keeping them all within the kill zone.

    The theory side is mixed. The majority of it has been going in and sticking my using the audio CD's from Golloway Field Sports. Still struggling with some of the dates and numbers but I'll focus on that this week.

    1 Week to go!
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