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From 0 to dsc2!

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So it's time for an update. Having received my dsc1 certificate it was time to get my dsc2 sorted. Few questions on here about who to go with I settled with the NGO. I sent all my details off to them with the paperwork they needed and there processing it as I speak so shouldn't be long!
A check list of what ive sorted since last time
Land to shoot on that holds deer-check (approx 1200 acres now)
A rifle-check
Something to get me there and back with a beast-check
Somewhere to sort said animal out-check (shed larder)
The enthusiasm to get out!-check
Unfortunately I fractured my knee a couple of months ago so that's now hindering me getting out, can't walk properly and certainly can't drag any weight! As much as I want to ask my Mrs I can't see her helping with it
Atleast on the bright side I'm now well under way and as I'm doing SWMBO a favour at the weekend (bloody wedding venues) I think she owes me one so will try and drag her out of bed at a silly time in the morning to most likely sit out in the rain thanks for reading folks and I hope to update soon!
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