So what have I been up to ?

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This is my first blog on here and I thought I would come on for a nosy to see what everyone else has been up to.

Firstly I have been pretty active reviewing and testing all sorts of hunting equipment,

Since the last time I have been on I have been competing in the States in Tennessee where I came 80th out of 360 at a precision rifle competition, could have and should have done better but I was against professionals that do this type of shooting day in day out as well as Army Rangers and SWAT team snipers and other special forces guys who are just phenomenal shooting off window sills out to and past 600yrds, so all in all I done not too bad.

My work for GMS culling and stalking has increased and although I think it has annoyed a few folk I still only shoot and do what I am told to do so they are aiming their complaints at the wrong person am afraid, no real control of what I can and cannot do, but I am not on here to rant.

Home is coming a long nicely with my reviews and articles and my Youtube channel for my reviews is also getting there considering I have only been really using it since November seriously.

What more can I say, I still have a steady flow of guests during the year coupling with ghillieing on the Glass and Spey I am pretty active.

Lambing is just about to start as well and last year between 6 farms and 3000acres of grounds in and around Inverness I lost 4 lambs to fox and that was from 1 property out of the 6, so here is hoping the record is better this year as I have been working very hard, got a bit of grief over that as well to be honest but frankly if your not willing to put in the time on the farms for the farmers they are just gonna get someone else to do it instead.

I have started doing Syndicate management for a few people as well selling and organising placements for people which now I have around 100 stalkers on my database all asking for places to shoot all at varying budgets.

Anyways so the last 12 months has been pretty busy and I am going to be having yet another busy year I think.

Hope you are all well and happy hunting.

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