Problems getting permission from the police

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[B]Hello gents and if we're lucky, ladies,[/B]

[B]Im a newbie to the sport only been shooting real guns for just over a year but had my air rifle for a while now been using it for pest control.[/B]

[B]i joined a gun club last year (steadhall) and applied for my licence got it through and then got myself a .22 on the intent of going rabbiting. :lol:[/B]

[B]Im a member of basc and have done abit of rabbiting with the air rifle but im just not getting the distances i want.[/B]

[B]So i sent my land permission in to west yorkshire police asking for clearance to go on with my .22 they have rejected my request due to lack of over land experience. [/B]

[B]They are saying i need to go out shooting to get practice, but how am i going to get practice with out my rifle, its a catch 22 situation,[/B]

[B]id be greatful for any advice people could give me :cool:[/B]

[B]yours sincerly[/B]
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  1. Danger Mouse's Avatar
    I'd ask them that same question mate, by the way say hello to John and Steve at Stead hall for me. Cheers Andy
  2. rickfitz's Avatar
    Is it possible to get or build any kind of high seat, they tend to like that better, less chance of a flyer
  3. drijonesy's Avatar
    I know its a stupid situation but hopefully BASC will be able to help me out, Andy will pass on your greetings,
    @ rickfitz i have already been using a tree (which i ve built a seat in) as a high seat for over 6 months, its great to see over the wild grass and redues the chance of flyers,

    thanx for all your advice everyone
  4. Bruce 0502's Avatar
    Tell them you will be supervised by an experianced shooter,get him/her to write to them confirming this after a while they should let you out on your own..Saying that as long as you have written permision from the land owner and the land is cleard for the calibre you are going to use I don't see how they can stop you! I THOUGHT LAWS WERE MADE AT WESTMINSTER! not the police!But but there you go!
  5. Lasarotta Hunting's Avatar
    Some times it helps if you can prove need for using rife for your job , contract with local farmer for pest control can help, so police can see rifle as a tool for your job. they can not stop you from work, especially if it is paid any amount of monies. I know some people that been involved in bar fighting over the girls but still UK police did not revoke their licence for it since their live-hood depend on it. More contract you have more experience it prove. Years ago I had to write down letter to police for few people for bigger calibres since they needed it to shoot boar