Where to start

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Im interested in going on my first deer hunt and wondering where to start!!

if anyone has any advice and what or where would be a good it would be greatly appricated
should be my first deer be on a estate or over free land etc..

what to use and is it essencial to have a DS1 before hand

all and any advice would be helpful

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  1. finnbear270's Avatar
    Hello Again!, I would from your given location, have a word with this guy,
    yorkshireroestalking............ Steve.
  2. dweeb's Avatar
    i would give mike a ring or visit www.caltonmoorrange.com were he can be contacted dweeb
  3. drijonesy's Avatar
    !thanx for the advice i ve txted steve and im looking forward to getting me a roe!! He does have estate rifles doesn t he??