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can any one tell me about the 7x57. ive been offerd one has any one got any experiance with one.
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  1. greville1689's Avatar
    I use one all the time. Very happy with it - not to loud or big in recoil terms but will knock over pretty much anything in Northern Europe. I use Federal 140 grn ammo and have never had a problem.

  2. simon1067's Avatar
    My first rifle was a parker hale 7X57. Do nt know why they are nt more popular. Agree with Greville's comments 100%
  3. der Aulte Jaeger's Avatar
    I've had a 7x57 and will have another as that is a fine cartridge. Here's it used on everything from pronghorn to elk, including black bear.
  4. pw7x57's Avatar
    Great calibre knocks over reds and roe with no meat damage. If you decide to go with it and want to home load I have a set of dies if you want?