Blazer R93 stock needed

Laminated stock needed for my CZ452 and CZ527

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Hi there one and all. I am looking for a laminated thumb stock for my two CZ's. Can any one recommend where I can get these from as a stock item without having to wait weeks. Is there uk supplier that does notc harge a fortune? Hope you can help..
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  1. sikamalc's Avatar
    Boyd rifle stocks in the USA. Brought a very nice A1 fit stock for less than 100!! not sure if they will do them for CZ, but take a look at their website.


  2. Danger Mouse's Avatar
    I got mine from Boyds in America, they will ship straight away if in stock, (you can check first) and they'll be a fraction of the UK price even with VAT added.
  3. Timney's Avatar
    If you are still looking you could try this fella who seems to sell a lot of stocks, not sure if price is right as I don't know much about them myself