there Must be a better way

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Hi there guys.

Yes so I was thinking about our situation and jugging by the number of DS1 curses every week there must be stax’s of chaps in our same situation.

And after speaking to land owners, chaps in syndicates, guys that stalk. I have come to some conclusions and have been trying to come up with a better way for all.

So this is how I see things at the moment.
  • Some small “land owners” (and tenants ex.) pay deer management companies to cull on their land. Isn’t this bizarre as we cant even find local cheep stalking!
  • Large land owning companies have syndicates. They then charge a fixed fee and they then cull. This brings in some money but the numbers culled are not controlled and some chaps shoot up to 40 deer a year. At a fixed syndicate fee, of around 1000.00 a year.
  • Then you have private land owners where only family and friends shoot, normally for free.

So there must be a better way.

What I want and I think a lot of chaps actually want is?

I only want to shoot 2 or 3 deer a year, not to sell but to process my self and for me and my family to enjoy. (Processing my self what I mean is initially I will have my local butcher do all the work and ill just supply spices, to end up with vors, droo vors, biltong, sausages and cooking meat.) Later I will set myself up to do it all at home.

Much like in the USA where most chaps only get one deer a year.

What I think land owners want:
  • They want to get more money from their land,
  • They want more money
  • If there is crop damage from deer, they want it to be offset by income from the hunting of deer.
  • They don’t just want any one walking around on their land.
  • They want to be able to control when people have access, (when they are having a shoot, for pheasant they only want that to be going on.)
  • They don’t want any liability.
  • They also would like to know numbers of deer taken. And numbers left.
  • Not that they are demanding or anything, but they generally would like to make more money, see items one and two.

So looking at the above and looking at technology that is now out there, their must be a better way. To organise this so we the small occasional hunter, as well as the land owners both get a better deal?

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  1. 1820's Avatar
    So this is what I have come up with. It will need quite a lot of distilling to get started.

    So an, I-phone app would have to be created with conjunction with a web site, with malty layers of security.
    Online training as well as hands on training would have to be created. DS1 was good but mostly irrelevant, for what I need! As well impractical for local UK chaps.

    Basically how it would work from a new hunter joining.
    • Sigh up to the web site. (Security level 1)
    • Down load app. For your, I-phone.
    • Do a few on line curses. (how this all works and safety) (security level 2)
    • Then go on a queue, and go along with to a few stalks.
    • Have some where one can shoot, any time, an air rifle or full bore rifle to become more proficient. This is not necessarily a shooting range but could be some forest one could shoot rabbit and squirrels. (this is a big problem for inner city youth) (security level 3)
    • Then do a shooting proficiency test

    At this point I think I should explain what the I-app would do.
    • You can book and pay for a slot at a location.
    • It can track your movements on that land with its internal GPS and relay this back to the land owner.
    • When you shoot something it can be recorded and photographed, and paid for.
    • You can see other hunters in your area, and report pouches.
    • Review other stalkers.
    • By going to your web site, you could see reviews on hunting sites, deer numbers, sizes, weather, permitted areas. Shooing lanes. High seats. Accommodation. Access to slaughter facilities.
    • And I am shur a number of other things?

    Back to the process.
    • So then you can then book to go stalking with some one who has a cretin security level higher. (security level 4, at this point I cant see the police refusing a FC for stalking)
    • After a few of these and some good reviews. (You can go up a level security level 5)
    • Now you can book a stalk, but you will now have to take a level 1, 2, 3 with.)
    • After a few of these one can book a stalk on their own. But will occasionally have to some training as well as mentoring.

    Sound to complicated, well its taken me 5 years to get to where I am at the moment with the current system, and I still have to go on booked stalks. (And I have hunting experience! Ok is from Africa shooting Kudu, BUT STILL!!)
  2. 1820's Avatar
    What this would mean for the Land owner.

    MORE MONEY : )
    • Well yes more money. Instead of having to pay some one to come and cull his deer, or having family sponge off him, or getting a fixed amount from a syndicate. He would pave vetted people on his land, and every time there was an intrusion he would be paid. With out having to do any admin.
    • Security of knowing where and when people are on his land, even if they are just scouting, he will know and be paid. (Paid for people scouting as well as stalking as well as for each deer. Now that is a really good deal!)
    • Being able to control when people are permitted.
    • This will give a “pest” a higher value, and will be able to control numbers better, as he will be able to see surrounding farm and land numbers.
    • Some times people from syndicates take friends along, this is a problem as they are not insured and the land owner is liable. With this every one will have liability insurance as well as training.
    • He can ask to meet every one, before they go on his lands, or not.

    Any how this is just a very vague idea at this time. But what do you guys think.

    • Basically what I think this would do is. Instead of doing a DS1 before going hunting a person could get exposure to the stalk and field dressing with out having to even know any one.
    • The price per deer would be the same as it is now.
    • The training would be more specific to what we want.
    • More people would want to get out there.
    • More young people would come in to this.
    • Once one is more advanced, they can scout a piece of land or put up a tree stand, and just enjoy the out doors more.
    • Time between having an interest to where one can go out on there own with their own gun would be quicker and more transparent.
    • More deer would go directly into homes.

    Bla blab bla

    What you guys think??
  3. straightbetweentheeyes's Avatar

    what if i haven't got an iphone?
  4. JAYB's Avatar
    I think that any training that you do should be recognised within the deer stalking world as most land owners when looking for qualifications are looking for DSC level 1 or 2. As far as I can see none of what you are suggesting would actually come to fruition. If all you are looking for is two or three deer a year then I am sure you could get this easily and cheaply enough off the site, probably cheaper than an i-phone
  5. 1820's Avatar
    Thank you for your feed back.

    Well yes, not having an I-phone could be a problem, but consider this.

    I spend 2000.00 on a gun, then there is the binos the clothes, the club membership the DS1 the boots the high seat and and and

    Then if I book a stalk, it has to be an accompanied one, at 70.00 + the prices if I actually shoot a deer, then I pay 2.00 kg for the Deer, another 50.00 for the butcher, need a decent freezer for all that meet, (got that free as it turns out!)

    Ok so you get the picture, for me to change my phone contract for an I-phone if I could have an unaccompanied stalk at a reasonable price that would not be the end of the world.

    The idea of being able to sit at work, on the deer directory, say and trawl hunting locations! On say Google maps. Man that would be good, and then to be actually able to go to that place! Man that would be really fantastic! Then log my success back on the site.

    Ok so maybe I am a bit of a net-nerd?
  6. 1820's Avatar

    Yes I agree, what ever training is given it would have no use if it was not recognised by the land owners, and one way to do this would be to get it recognised by one of the deer sporting type bodies.
  7. Simjim33's Avatar
    How much will you charge for the web site, phone app and commission from land owners plus the add space on the website a good money maker.
  8. bogtrotter's Avatar
    Just can't see it taking off.