dsc level 2

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can anyone give me an idea how much level 2 should be.i know registration is 145,but ive been quoted 200 a day for a witness to come onto shooters permission which seems a bit steep
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  1. stav's Avatar
    40 quid
  2. cjm1066's Avatar
    I have never charged for witnessing, apart from an unsolicited bottle of whiskey from a successful candidate and occasional help with petrol money.
    The paper work is tedious and if paid for an hours work should cover it. For a 3 hours outing if you shoot the animal at 2hrs and 55 minutes it will involve extra time, but for an animal shot earlier the time is already accounted for.

    What else are you paying for, 200 sound like an outing + trophy fee complete with DSC2.
  3. pierred's Avatar
    Registration is 105 with BDS I think the same with BASC and most whitnesses I know range from costs covered to 100 a stalk you need to make a few calls and see who fits the bill mate.
  4. Big Yan's Avatar
    When I witness I charge 50 for the time out stalking and the writting up afterwards.
  5. wise man's Avatar
    Yes big yan. i think your right 50/60 is not far wrong.
    Thats what i ask its only to cover my time and what i will be out of pocket.
  6. Ewich's Avatar
    200 for for a AW to come and witness on your permission seems too steep - try phoning round your list of AW's - should be able to get someone else at less cost