Put My foot right init

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Well wen't out today to measure a house for extension anteration etc.
Nice elderly couple,really friendly i was greeted by 2 bavarian mountain hounds and a springer spaniel.
Anyway proceeded to measure the house upstairs found a very nice airrifle setup,obviously someone keeping ontop of the pigeon,maggie situation.
So the sign were there that the gentleman was a shooting man,so two feet straight in and word to the effect of
"i noticed the air rifle upstairs,do a bit of shooting myself"
the other chap"really what sort"
me"well i do all sort,rough shooting,wildfowling, etc infact i'm going deer stalking in a few weeks to scotland"
the other chap"o,i don't shoot, god no can't stand it,my son does tho"
needless to say they were really fine about it but i put my preverbial fut in it big style.
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  1. Tom270's Avatar
    I made a similar mistake last week while at a farm. I usually manage to bring shooting into the conversation somewhere. A fair bit of my ground has come this way. The guy said 'Oh we operate a no slaughter policy here' likewise he was fine about it. Slaughter, was an expression I had never related to my shooting practices before. Tom
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