308 or stick with the 243

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I have a slot open for a new 308, but im not sure whether to change it for something else, i use the 243 for all my dear and fox if needs be so it will ;ast me a life time, i have the 20 tac for long range bunnies and fox, and then the 17hmr and the 22lr for bunnie bashing close range etc,

if the operation on my cervical spine is completed and i get back lets say 80% movement back i was thinking i could have the 308 for stalking foxing and range work,

i have 4 years left before i need to fill the slot so there is no hurry, just wanted to ask you guys what your thoughts are.


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  1. bobjs's Avatar
    well i have gone and don it,

    i have purchased a 308 again

    a nice short 20" barreled ruger m77 mkII stainless laminate with jusy 600 rounds down it in its life, all home loads used on running bore at bisley, should be picking it up on mon/tuesday next week,

  2. bobjs's Avatar
    well end of week 3 after my operation and all seems to going well, the support from the lads on this forum has been fantastic. im not able to shoot the 308 or the 12 bores for a while yet, so starting with the 17.20tac and soon to be back behind the 243. i set out with a dream of getting all my rifles kitted with a zeiss scope, i am still looking for a wee one for my 22lr.

    well this year i have to get back into work and see if i can get back on the stalking trail, but with the new house just before redundancy its going to be a rough ride. but with a great wife and kids and some great friends on here ill get there.

    remember this is a forum for chatting not only about shooting but all things between friends.