Muntjac twins

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Many years ago I was sat up in high seat in the woods I shot over and was waiting for a Muntjac as the owner was complaining of damage to flora a fauna. No roe in the wood and certainly no fallow so the culprits lay fairly and squarely at the Muntjac door.

The seat I was in was old and since the time it was errected was now in the wrong place but the owner did not want it moved, so had to make the best of a bad job.

The woods were overgrown and bracken was everywhere including the rides but these were cut regularly. Anyway as I sat there listen and watching and wandering away in my mind in the late evening, my attention was suddenly brought back to the hear and now by the rustling of undergrow which eminated from behind and then moved from left to right. When all of sudden a doe appeared followed by two tiny twins which started to chase each other through the undergrowth. I was mesmerised by the antics when they disapeared into clump of bracken which suddenly errupted like the scene out of Alien as the two them exploded from the bracken one chasing the other.

The doe and the twins then wandered off. I never did get the shot that day but wish I had a camera but the memory has always remained with me.
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