Growing Interest In Shooting

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Yesterday I spent a really enjoyable morning with FDPC at Chilcompton Tunnel supervising 2 guests at an invitation only open day.

In Wilts certificates are up 1000 to over 15000 this year which is a sign this sport doesn't take much publicity to grow in stature. I think we owe Pete Wilson and the rest of Team GB for this rise.

However there have been many years where the shooting was not shown on TV in this country. I remember raising complaints over the last Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.

The fact is that if the Sailing for London 2012 was in Weymouth the Shooting could have been at Bisley and a legacy left to the sport. However I suspect the powers that be didn't want to invest in something so politically devisive.

Shooting has been the subject of a silent campaign to gradually erode the sport. Yes there was the Ban on Semi-Auto's after Hungerford, Pistols after Dunblane but the campaign since has been one of making life more difficult to access the sport. Its existance is hardly advertised and the negative press has forced shooters to fall quiet for the sake of "security". The advice is not even to show a BASC bumper sticker!

So in my family we have "the circle of trust". Those people who know we shoot and those who don't.

The recent action by WH Smiths to ban under 14's from buying Shooting Magazines has opened my eyes to the ignorance about our sports many facets. I have become aware that we have a vocal and PR savvy enemy that produces lies and propaganda against us.

It has to be incumbent upon every shooter to popularise the sport. Talk about it openly, take a friend or colleague shooting.

Yesterday my 2 guests shot 9 different calibres and loved it. All 10 will take away an understanding of how regulated the sport is from the safety drill for 30 minutes, constantly reinforced during the day, the training and probation requirement for 6 months to become a member, to the application process for a certificate, referee's, security and interview.

The next time some ignorant Vegan says that shooters are all "murderers in waiting" there will be 10 more voices to say "Hang on a minute mate".

So what did you do to protect our sport this week?

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