Dexter, my first teckel

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I've never done a blog before but decided to try one on my new dog Dexter.
I bought Dexter after being tipped off about a litter that had become available in Scotland. Now I live in Dorset so if I decided that there was a dog or bitch that I wanted then it was going to be a long drive. However I am a firm believer in good breeding and after a long discussion with the breeder I decided that this was the litter that I would pick from. The nice thing was that the litter hadn't even been released yet so I had first dibs, well actually second as one pup had already gone to his daughter.
Now came the logistics of how to get a pup from Angus to Dorset and this is where fate stepped in. My wife had secretly planned a wedding anniversary trip to Skye!! It was destined to be.
Next followed lots of emails with photos attached and eventually Extra ( his original name ) was chosen. My wife then immediately said that Extra would have to change his name as shouting Extra, Extra in the middle of a playing field would be ridiculous. So avoid confusing the dog it was changed to Dexter.
The day finally came and we departed for Skye. It was a brief trip during which time it rained, and rained and kept us awake at night with the rain, nut we had 1x nice day in 5, and a rainbow every day.
We left on the Saturday and treked over to Angus via the Cairngorns. It was sad to see how much of Scotland is now under deer fence.
On the Saturday night we were invited to dinner with the breeder and what a great night it was. Putting the world to rights, discussing the failings of the BDS, fencing of the Highlands, Darting of deer and so much more, and of course introducing ourselves to Dexter.
Dexter was collected at 8.00am the next morning and hit Dorset at approx 5.00pm that evening.
He is already showing some headstrong traits and guarding abilities. He decided to face off against a truck driver in a flourescent jacket at one motorway services. Clearly a dodgy character.
He's already 4 months old so I'll give him a couple of months more and then start on some light training but nothing in anger.
I'll post my blog when he's started and we begin to show something.
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  1. bobjs's Avatar
    Cracking looking pup mate.

    looks like he will have a bit of character too.