Well I have a new job on a 3 month trial.

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Well i have a new job and its just up my street,

I am now the Head security officer on a rather large estate in Hampshire.

I have the responsibility of the whole estate, farm buildings,all estate vehicles and of course the house and all the houses on the estate, i am also the shoot captain on shoot days and many other things fall under my umbrella.

Happy ?

Yes, to be back in work is fine and dandy but my deer stalking/shooting will be knocked back a few pegs as this is a 24/7 position, other things that make the job both good and bad is the fact that i will have to sell my little truck, i can not afford to run it to the place of work and back as this will eat into the salary: i will get an estate vehicle but not for some time as the chap i am to replace is not set to retire for some time, and this will only happen if i can prove myself in the 3 months trial period.

so it may be time to sell on a rifle or two to sort out the car issues: to then sell it on when i have been successful in the job, the problem with this is once i step down and sell another rifle (most likely to be my 20 tac) the tree hugging wife will treat this as a win on her long campaign to get me to stop hunting full stop.

ill keep anyone interested posted as to how well the new job is going, and lets hope we can hold on to this one in times of so much unemployment.

kind regards

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  1. DJC's Avatar
    well done bob i hope all goes well for you in the new job dont give in to the wife and sell you guns work hard to make it a full time job
  2. bobjs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DJC
    well done bob i hope all goes well for you in the new job dont give in to the wife and sell you guns work hard to make it a full time job
    cheers bud

    I think i will have to hold on to just the 1 that being possibly the 243 as i can do charlie and stalking with it, i would love to be able to keep them all but the 17 and the 20 tac may go, not sure as yet her in doors and I are not talking at all, so here's waiting

  3. Alexj's Avatar
    Good luck with the new job, I hope all the bits of the puzzle come together.

    Best wishes

  4. paul o''s Avatar
    good luck feller glad it sorted it self out and sounds like you need a new one
  5. bobjs's Avatar
    cheers paul.

    well its going not to bad, so far.

    i'll let you know when the 3 months is up.


  6. paul o''s Avatar
    i no what its like to be out of work 3 yrs ago a lad smashed into the rear of my old ranger when i was on way home from beating and put my knee in the dash spilt it in too, i'v had 2 knees replaced same leg and due more op's in april and i still can't work its not good for the sole feller still all my work was underground on me knee's ?? copper cable jointer .but a good thing there is always stalking when i can afford it . i still get around the farms but i have to use me new ranger and have at mr red from there but i can't get in as deep as i could walking now we are not able and can't ride our quads as the grassdue to it now on the st/ship thing'y. iam ex green mod so wife is used to me being damaged goods LOL!
    still i wish you all the joy's of spring mty
    ttfn Paul
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