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Well guys n gals welcome to my 1st ever blog which will be covering my journey as a novice deer stalker and my path towards the DSC1 kindly brought about by the guys on the forum.

I guess firstly I need to thank everyone involved for the opportunity, John, Malc & Alex from the forum, Peter from BASC for the course and Steve at for the months free membership online and the reduced fees thereafter. Not forgetting everyone else who has offered advice so far on the forum since I joined.

Righto, where do I go from now? Progress so far I suppose.

I've spoken to Peter at BASC and sorted the course local to me at Corby, near my hometown of Peterborough, which will be booked shortly for June 4th to 7th 2013.

Also I've registered with to use their online service, which I had a go at and over 3 lessons averaged about 70% (with a few guesses thrown in!!). Plenty to swot up on and hopefully it'll help when the training manual arrives.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep on top of the blog with progress and if anyone has any ideas to keep it interesting or stuff for me to write about please shout up on the comments page,


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  1. Hunting Solutions's Avatar
    Good luck with it mate, the DSC1 is a very enjoyable course.
  2. Peterm's Avatar
    You should enjoy the course with Andrew Papworth. Anything outstanding you need to ask, ask Andrew when you are on the course.
  3. seanct's Avatar
    Hi stratts. How are you getting on so far? Any tips you can put my way as your ahead of me in this process. Good luck. S