What have I let myself in for!!??

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After a PM with John (Admin) to get his approval I thought I'd let Charlie Jacoby of Fieldsports TV know about the scheme so they could mention it on the news stump!!

So a little email went off and about half an hour later he rang me and said they want to do a piece and film me doing the DSC1 test!!!

As if the test itself isn't going to be daunting enough I'm probably gonna have a camera crew following me around!! Me and my big mouth!!

It'll only happen if the Admin guys are ok with it though.
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  1. PKL's Avatar
    well done, bet you'll be nervous during the shooting test from sitting and standing!!!! bad enough with a crowd, let alone TV..

    only joking, you'll do well mate - you can punch the smug bugger in the gob for us all at the same time..
  2. Moray Outfitting's Avatar
    I know that the film aspect does bring a most unwelcome extra stress element to the DSC1 process - so full credit for taking that on. But it is great exposure for SD and this scheme - so double thanks are due.

    Not met Charlie, but done quite a bit with Byron Pace on filming front - they are both nice guys and will bend over backwards to make things as painless as they can. It wont be a full-blown movie set-up and you soon forget they are there. Just think out things to say in advance - 'Power band' comments can begin to haunt you!

    I RCO'd a DSC1 on Harris and one poor guy had BBC Scotland following him as well as Byron. Both were very understanding and supportive. Just keep in mind you are 'the star' and under enough pressure, never feel beholden to perform. Just be yourself ( unless you are Jayb! ).