Well the heat is on!!

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PM back from JayB saying I've gotta do good so all's a go on the filming front!!

I quite like Charlie and the other fella's (just in case they're reading this!! ), it's the team wild fella who get's on my wick!!

Forgot to say another thanks to Malc who I'll be joining on April 12th for my Roe buck stalk, which will now be a welcome bit of experience before the DSC1. I'm really looking forward to it and be prepared for a lot of questions fella!!!

Next up I'll do a bit of noob kit chatter and see what you guys think to the stuff I'm getting together,

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  1. Roelander's Avatar
    "it's the team wild fella who get's on my wick!!"

    It's not just me then? Sounds like you're having a great time. Keep us posted.