Painful learning day today!!

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Well I'm currently laid up on the sofa having pulled my back getting out of the car yesterday afternoon! Spose that's what to expect being a highly trained and toned athlete!

What it does mean is plenty of swotting time without the kids and Mrs giving me grief so I'll be working through the online stuff at I'm finding it a really useful resource already while I wait for the manual to arrive from BASC.

Finding remembering the seasons tricky at the moment but I guess it'll lodge in soon. Surprised myself at how quickly I'm learning the characteristics of each deer species from the pics on the site though.

Also realising I'm gonna have to sell a load of unused stuff to fund a decent .243 when the variation comes back, including a CZ452 .22lr that just dosn't see daylight these days. Watch the for sale sections there may be some bargains to be had!!

Happy stalking,

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