new job, new employment

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well month 2 and all seems good,

Just wish the pay was better so that i could keep all the rifles i have, but hey I'm getting enough to pay the bills etc.

things getting busy now on the estate and soon the foxing will start in real time, there are plenty of lambs around now and hope to get out in the filed soon, as for stalking i will be leaving that for the time being and trying to hold the job after the 3 months trial period,

regards to all that wished me well, i hope to be back to winning ways soon,


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  1. Acm's Avatar
    Try and hold onto that 595 Bob it's got a date with a few Charlie's by the sound of things !!!! Glad it's going well . I'm up night lambing as I write this and can vouch for things getting busy ! Anyhow , good times and good health to you bud , sorry I couldn't afford your mod !
  2. bobjs's Avatar
    Hi Acm

    thanks bud

    In the job i need to hold both a sgc and a fac, so i need to sell all the bits y=that i can to pay her dad back for the car, but its great to be back in work even if the money is not that great,

    i am trying to sell everything i can so that in some way i can hold on to or get a rifle that i can do some foxing with the underkeepers but i can't go there just yet as im not even a full staff member yet,

    I am trying to have a small cf and a shotgun so that i can retain my certs etc, but after being out of work so long and as well all have bills to pay im not the only one.its not easy by any means.

    i am no longer going to be stalking or having loads of shooting i just can't afford it now so ill have to do my best even if it upsets the wife when i do go out shooting, but she knows this is a cracking job low paid or not,

    i'll let you know how things progress, but for the time being ill have to keep my head down and work hard to get the job first.

    kind regards

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  3. stratts's Avatar
    Good luck with it mate if you've got this far and things seem to be going well I can't see them letting you go. Unfortunately I can't afford your .243 at the moment but I might be in touch if my CZ sells fairly quick!!
  4. bobjs's Avatar
    Hi Tratts

    cheers bud. i will have to keep or get a small cf and a shotty if the jobs a goodun, im hoping it is, as said the money working on estates is not great but its a job, and im happy to be in one,

    the 243 will go as im no longer stalking, the 20 has to go as i don't realy have the cash to keep reloading. the 17 has to go as they are after 20.50 a box of 50 here, so i have had a slot for a 222 on ticket for a wee while so may go there and use privi partisan if and when i do go foxing on the site,

    its all up in the air until i get the thimbs up, and even the wife wil not be to bothered with me having a 222/shotgun as i have to have both fac and sgc in the job,

    hope your keeping well.


    ps i will have that old air rifle back soon, gamo ???
  5. stratts's Avatar
    Nice one mate can't remember what you wanted for it as I deleted my PM's? Me and the boys have started building a hide for the pidges and a feeder is in range so they can get used to seeing some squizzers running around too!

    Give me a shout when you get it back please,

  6. bobjs's Avatar
    Hi Stratts

    all i asked for was the postage for it, ill let you know when its back here, sadly i don't have a slip for it but ill pack it as best i can,

  7. stratts's Avatar
    Ok mate I'll make a donation to Stav's H4H fundraising thingemybob as a thank you from the kids!!
  8. bobjs's Avatar
    Heads up.

    Jobs going ok, just need to keep my head down for the rest of this month and hope that i get the position, still need to have a sgc and a fac in the job so still trying to hold onto one of my 3 rifles i have for sale, but it needs to be a CF rifle and a good ish quality shotgun when i have the funds,

  9. bobjs's Avatar
    well lads just had the end of the 3 month trial interview and all went well,

    i have now been given 1200 acres to do the foxing on, the use of a 4x4 and fuel etc. just need to see if they are happy with the wee pay rise i have asked for with respect to traveling costs, and if that's a thumbs up, i think I may be staying


    how nice it will feel to be back in full time work,
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  10. bobjs's Avatar
    well im back in full time employment.

    I have been taken on full time now and baring a couple of things that i asked about, And if they are sorted then it seems i could be set for life/or until i retire me thinks.

    ye ha.......................................