I'm gonna be using a Browning X-Bolt, courtesy of Fieldsports TV

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Quick update, I'll be using a Browning X-Bolt rifle for the assessment etc which is to be provided by the Fieldsports guys.
Unfortunately I won't be in a position to acquire and get used to my own stalking rifle before the course and I was going to be using an estate rifle anyway, so this will be nice to try and I'm sure it'll be ok.

It looks like the film crew will be there for the last morning to film parts of the assessments, so at least I'll have 3 days to concentrate on the course content without make-up on!!

Course is defo booked for 4th to 7th June at Bradshaws Gunshop near Oundle. If anyone has any feedback, tips or advice please share!

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  1. Grand Slam's Avatar
    Get your head into your manual mate. I did my course last year and loved it,
  2. 6pointer's Avatar
    Strats my advice is simple only pull the trigger when you can see a full circle and the cross is on the centre of the target or the centre of the kill zone .
    PS good luck.
  3. seanct's Avatar
    Good luck bud.