Things are going bonkers!!

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Things are gathering pace and my luck just keeps getting better.

Thanks to Sikadog, I'll be the proud owner of a BSA 30-06 when my variation comes back from Cambs firearms, which won't be long because they are an incredible force!!

And many thanks to Limulus who has offered me a free set of his custom made shooting sticks to ensure I pass the shooting assessment!!

At this rate I'm gonna need a F1 style racing suit with all the names on of the people who are helping me out!

The DSC1 course is defo booked for June 4th to 7th at Bradshaws Gun Shop and the course tutor is a fella called Andy Papworth, who i've heard many good things about especially from my FEO. The BASC manual, etc, arrived in the post today and i've not seen as much information in one place to digest since being at college (which I bunked out of!!!)

I printed a few of these off at work today for a bit of target practice but good advice that has been given will mean I'll be getting the proper ones from the BDS. I have a metal fabricator we use at work who may be able to knock me up a full size profile out of steel sheet using those as a template. Watch this space!!

I'll try and get some kit photos up in the next few days to see what I have,


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  1. stratts's Avatar
    Sorry to comment on my own blog but Biker1 has just offered me the loan of a Meopta scope for the 30-06 until I can raise the cash for one of my own.

    Thanks alot matey!
  2. sikamalc's Avatar
    Give Marcus my regards at the shop! I have not seen him for a while, but have stalked with him in the past.


  3. stratts's Avatar
    Will do mate not long to go before I'm down with you bud. Really looking forward to it now!
  4. bobjs's Avatar
    this forum can be fantastic bud and it never ever surprises me that these things are done for members by members.

  5. Moray Outfitting's Avatar
    Thank you for all your efforts keeping up the blog etc.

    If there is any problem getting hold of the deer target give me a shout. The Zeroing target is available as a download on the DMQ website.

    The Part 1 zeroing target usually presents the most problems - that 4" circle really does shrink on the day! Its very useful to pin one up just to help set it in your mind. Try to spend a couple of minutes a day picturing a nice tight three shot group in the centre - it works. The deer target 'scoring ring' can be a bit higher than people expect. You'll likely here the course tutors oft repeat 'up the front leg, half way up the body'.

    Because of the chest shape, when viewed through your scope, the real half way up line can seem awfully high. If someone is going to drop a shot they will drop it low rather than high. Well worth fixing the image in your mind.

    ​Good luck
  6. stratts's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice mate I have the zero'ing target and I'll probably get the deer target from the bds site. BUT, at the risk of sounding like a tight arris, I just begrudge paying 50% more in postage than the actual item when it's just a bit of paper folded up!!