Still a stalking virgin!!

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I spent yesterday afternoon and evening with a cracking chap Nick, aka Digger9523 (and his equally bonkers mate, Ed) at Hockham deer management after a last minute impromptu invite on the last day of the red hind cull.

Nick was keen to show me the ropes and hopefully grass my 1st deer from a highseat on the estate.

I rolled up mid afternoon and after a brief introduction we set off to do the rounds and put some new foam onto some highseats, with the rifle on standby should anything show. We never got the chance but straight away there was evidence that there is plenty of deer on the estate by the number of slots in the fields.

Coupled with that we saw 9 roe in 3 different areas and a number of muntjac, 1 buck in particular having a good head who's days are probably numbered! All the time Nick and Ed keeping me amused with their stories, it was like being out with Morecombe and Wise!!

Next off to the range to get a feel for the rifle I would be using, which is a beast!! An accuracy international with a 26" barrel moderated and Swaro Z6 scope and surprisingly mild shooting due to the weight of the rifle. After a nice coffee and pie in the boozer we headed off to the highseat for an evening of waiting!

Loaded up the gear and when we got there I realised my schoolboy error and had forgotten to put my gloves in the landy from my motor. Luckily Nick is prepared for numpties and had a spare spare!!

We had a little stalk to the seat with just a few hares keeping me twitchy on the way and got set up. A smashing little spot with our backs to some forestry land which the deer tend to come out from. Or so we thought but unfortunately not last night!

Over a period of 2hrs we saw 2 shootable munties, but unfortunately the boss had said red hinds only and a few behind us rumaging around in the woods!!

Then the real kick in the teeth in typical sods law fashion!! As we called it a day, Nick slipped under the high seat bar and took 2 steps down and spotted 3 red hinds around 80 yards to our right having just mooched out from the forestry land behind! He tried to get back in the seat while I looked through the scope but it was too dark for me to see as a noob. I handed the rifle to Nick as being used to the setup and obviously experienced and confident, he could have (maybe) taken a shot but the cufuffle was enough for them to bob back into the woods. Queue the expletives and mutterings from us both and that was that!!

Even so I had a superbly enjoyable day and learnt 2 main things from the day. 1 - I have loads to learn and 2 - I have loads to learn!!

Thanks again to Nick and Ed for the day and I'll be returning to Hockham in the future for sure,



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