FIO finally turned up

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My FIO finally turned up today after I applied for a 'one for one' variation recently. It's taken 3 weeks to get this far so I'm chewing my nails now! Apparently they don't have a record of my previously held FAC back in the 90's on the national data base. The FAC I had back then had a .308 on it butas the licence had expired, the details had not be moved onto the national data base. End result - we don't have you down as owning a .308 previously.... so what experience do you have?

I have a 7mm-08 sat waiting for me thanks to Wardy1 and I have several days booked on the Roe in April and May. My DSC1 is booked with the BASC for August and then I'll be back on the Fallow too. So we're all set, I just need my rifle now please
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  1. bobjs's Avatar
    I wish you all the best with it, and hope that all turns out well.

    keep us posted to see how it all turns out.

    best wishes

  2. Roelander's Avatar
    Thanks Bob. I had a call on Tuesday from the Firearms Department to say they've written up the variation and I should be receiving it anytime now. I'm pacing up and down waiting for the post and itching to get out there and see some Deer.