using my spare time.

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I have been researching deer and seasons of late in preparation of my dsc1. I received a pm on Thursday from Steve from with a very generous offer to help me along with my studies. As part of the SD sponsorship he has donated one months free training of his interactive website which has all of the questions that you are required to know the answers to before taking your test. I have been using a bit of my spare time this afternoon going through the questions and testing myself. I have a long way to go, but I am enjoying reading up on deer and all the factor that go with deer stalking.
I think its a great way of learning and I would suggest anyone who is the process of applying for their DSC or are currently studying should give it a try. There is a free tester to whet your appetite.
I am looking forward to receiving the training manual, at the minute I'm going in blind and trying to learn the answers that I get wrong. When I have studied the manual I am hoping my score will increase some what.
In the meantime I will keep on at it.

Safe shooting guys, Sean.
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  1. seanct's Avatar
    I have been through general questions 1-5 and hygiene 1-2 I know more about hygiene than I do about deer!
  2. stratts's Avatar
    I found the same mate, the hygiene questions are more of a common sense thing than the others! The online thing is very good and helps with the id side of things more than anything in my view.

    You'll get a shock when the manual lands on the floor!! Keep us posted and you have a PM incoming,


  3. seanct's Avatar
    Thankyou sir. Its appreciated.