A day with Trev TH4 and Roy

So Saturday morning Pete (Frenchieboy) arrived at @ 1am at my house, we then set off to meet Trev (TH4) After an uneventful journey involving diversions and some strange bloke trying to talk to me in the toilets at Warwick Services ? we finally arrived at the meeting place. We were @ 1 hour early so had a coffee and waited for Trev, when Trev arrived after a big handshake and bit of a natter we set off to meet Roy and another lad called Stuart. After we had all met up I went off to a high seat with Roy and Fb went off with Trev, Stuart went off to a seat on his own, still in the pitch black of night.

Roy and I parked up got our gear together and headed out to the high seat @ 500 yds away across a flat field of winter barley. We got up in a high seat that was @ halfway along a thick hedge line. After @ 20 mins I spotted something in the next hedge, Roy checked through the glasses and confirmed it was 3 Roe deer. At this point they were @ 300 yds away and it was still quite dark, so we waited and waited and waited probably 1-1 1/2 hours for them to slowly work their way in and out of the hedge until they came into the field @ 100 yds away. Roy confirmed 2 Bucks and 1 Doe, when the Doe presented a perfect shot I squeezed the trigger and CLICK nothing at all. The 3 of them looked straight at us, we sat totally still and waited for them to settle down again, really surprised they didn't just leg it. After checking the chamber and then actually loading a round I again waited for the doe to present herself ,when she did I put the crosshairs on her, squeezed the trigger and this time bang and she dropped like a brick , no movement and not the general jump on a boiler room shot. The other deer were joined by another that we had not seen at all and legged it straight across the field into the distance.

We went to her after 5 mins and she was stone dead, I couldn't see an entry wound but she had a high exit wound were the 130 grain had come out. We bled her out and took her to my truck. After processing her in the larder we could see the bullet had gone in high totally taken out the spinal cord resulting in instant death hence dropping down so quickly. She came in at just under 19 kilos, plenty of fat on her and looked in great health. I can only put the high impact down to zeroing with about a 10 foot difference between shoot point and target then going 15 ft up in a high seat, anyway dead is dead and always make sure you have a round in the chamber or your chance could be gone, I was very lucky to get a second shot so to speak.

Many thanks to Trev and Roy for a fantastic day, you are what the best of SD is about

Scoby 270
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