Outing with the pooch

So, alarm went off Sunday morning at half 6, having prior woken up at half 4 and gone back to sleep I thought it would be a good idea to close my eyes again and 'give it 10 more minutes' oops... roll on half 9, too late for morning now il go in the afternoon. Mrs left me a load of jobs to do around the house then at 6 we were going out for a meal so can't be late. At around 2:30pm i had done what I needed to, make a sausage bap and a brew and was out the door however this time had the dog with me. I've been training her for a good while however taking a backseat when I broke my knee and couldn't walk over rough ground so had to stop for 3 months or so. Having arrived at the farm after filling the tank in the Jimny it's now just gone 3. Dog out, rifle, sticks and binoculars and I was set. The wind was howling and the snow was coming down in force, it was already white over but decided to crack on if anything to walk the dog. Off we go and she near enough immediately scented something. Knowing she can and has found live deer on numerous occasions I let her follow her nose. After a very steady stalk for about 400 yards I decided to have a look around. Nothing moving anywhere, we proceeded another few hundred yards down the side of a hill overlooking a small valley, again trusting her and which way she's going. 45 minutes or so had passed and I was just happy to be out, just me and my little lady. Sits down going to roll a smoke whilst looking over the valley and saw 20 or so sheep running down one side on the other side of a dividing wall. Started getting a bit more excited when I spotted 4 hinds that she had taken me to. They had just started going up the hill so I picked the suitable beast through the binos, swapped to the rifle and went prone off my rucksack. Looked over my shoulder and the dog was sat there happily watching, no woofs or barks or anything. Opened the bolt AND then chambered a round (unlike last time) and flicked the safety off. Another look through the scope, safe backstop (A huge hill that's soft, loamy soil) and the chosen animal stood there. With the winds blowing and the snow coming down I aimed for the heart/lung shot not thinking about the hilar? Anyway, I sent the 150g soft point to greet her and got a nice audible thud back. Dogs sat there calm as anything still watching, and I look back through the scope. She starts walking towards the wall so I'm ready for a second shot. About 10 yards before the wall (she had only walked a couple of yards) and I got a promising squirt of blood out of the entry, to watch her collapse kicking once before all movement stopped. The snow covered field now partly red. Lit my smoke and watched carefully for signs of movement, nothing. Had my smoke whilst letting the other hinds go off up the hill and down to the animal. I'm now extremely happy with the dogs behaviour and how she's acted and behaved. Down one side to the other to confirm death and jobs a good un. Back to the Jimny took about half an hour to get there, ringing the Mrs on the way to ask her to flick the chiller on for me. 'You've not have you?' Yes love I have... 'hoes the dog behaved? She been good?' Yes she's been great. 'Don't be late!' So down the track as far as you can drive and out at the end, grabbed my rucksack and a rope and made my way up to her. Dog still in tow, excited to get back to the animal. Wrapped the rope around it's neck, with a knot around it's snout to make it easier and yes it does work! Back to the Jimny, parked in a suitable place for a gralloch. Now being registered in my dsc2 I figure it's a great time to go through EVERYTHING properly as if I was being witnessed. Pulled the gralloch out and went to look at the nodes. Now I can't remember the name of them but the 2 near the heart/lungs had been obliterated by the rib that broke by the bullet. The lungs had a good sized hole through them along with a part of the heart missing. Gralloch inspected, dog fed a treat for being a good girl, head and legs off and into the plastic box I've temporarily adopted as my deer box. Into the car and now times getting on, dog in car and gralloch disposed off safely and were on our way. Quick chat to the farmer on the way out to be told why just one when there's another 20 up there... :rofl: said if you want to drag them back come down next time to get laughed at :rofl: back home, dog washed, deer in chiller with just enough time to have a quick wash and change before going out for tea. Happy Mrs, happy dog and happy hunter. Sums up a near perfect days out!

A very enjoyable day out, a very successful day out and a very pleased dog and handler! The dog is a German shepherd, around 2 and a half years of age and hopefully she will come on a lot further than this! Thanks for reading.
Well done working a dog with you as u stalk does bring it to another level of enjoyment if they behave , I’ve had two shepherds incredible noses but as they were the ex wife’s never worked them ,enjoying my lab out with me every stalk now and helping me no end watching her snout !
Good luck with dsc2
Cheers, was a cracking day out. Nigel, I have a feeling a few people would probably laugh at it to be honest, I know the farmer did! She has a better nose than me though lol. Norma, It will definitely make stalking more enjoyable, just a shame I can't take my lad as he is a lot steadier and will happily sit for hours. He's gun shy (I'm presuming he is, any loud noises and he is unhappy, not putting him through it for the fun of it) cheers border