For Sale: Sako 75 243 Winchester


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For Sale:- Sako 75 Stainless Synthetic 243 Winchester

Screw Cut 1/2” UNF

Round Count 670

Comes with 100 Lapua Brass

Good Condition

£700 + RFD, for an extra £100 I will include a set of Warne 30mm Quick release rings and a T8 sound mod in excellent condition.

Click on link below for pictures:-

**Scope, Rings and Sling not included**
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What’s the deal with the bolt handle - as in what’s happened to it?

Wow you’ve got good eyes! When I had the bolt fluted, I also had the bolt handle altered slightly so I didn’t catch my thumb on my night vision scope when reloading. Nobody else has ever mentioned it before as you can hardly notice it.