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    earwig gone??

    The other night, he rattled off just enough near monosyllabic posts to get up to the magic 30, then next morning a rifle setup for sale. I guess admin

    Malxwal Today, 10:46 Go to last post
    Peter Eaton

    A few Knives I made recently

    That's cracking, all you pins holes look spot on to me with no gaps and wood finished nice too.

    A wee tip for the lanyard hole that finishes

    Peter Eaton Today, 10:46 Go to last post

    Cost difference between homeloading & shop bought!?

    Probably been said already...

    Many deer shooters are also target shooters. So cost of bulk of ammo comes into the equation.
    But for

    gonzo Today, 10:44 Go to last post

    The Madness of Plod

    I think when the lazy and stupid started to get into positions where they were able to protect each other from being labelled 'lazy' and 'stupid' by the

    Woodsmoke Today, 10:43 Go to last post

    Chasing dogs,all in a days work.

    Is the risk not just part and parcel of that type of activity?

    Yes for sure.

    johngryphon Today, 10:42 Go to last post