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    takbok Today, 12:43 Go to last post
    mel b3

    lots of new leather shooting goods.

    message sent mate.

    mel b3 Today, 12:42 Go to last post

    Help please re faulty electrics on winch

    Good glad to hear it is sorted.

    Having been bought up on a self maintenance diet of 50s and 60s BMC vehicles...bad earths are most familiar!

    Alantoo Today, 12:41 Go to last post


    +1.....if you tap a key board most of the day then a good chance you might need one, using hand tools, fitting, measuring fine limits gives you a better

    Tim.243 Today, 12:41 Go to last post


    In this case it kind of does as the 1:9 is only available as the laminate and Kevlar varmint as far as I'm aware . . .

    Boydy47 Today, 12:36 Go to last post