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    The season approaches

    Croatia next month, Croatia again November, nothing definite for December - yet, Hungary in January.
    Watching the £ against the Euro and grabbing

    EMcC Today, 18:46 Go to last post

    Solo Red Handling - Rear Rack

    You are confusing shearing off with sheering off....totally different .
    sheering off is a nautical term which is hard to describe on a phone keyboard.

    lambic Today, 18:42 Go to last post

    Solo Red Handling - Rear Rack

    i don’t know how you’d flip the one I use, and the metal ones produced by the likes of Donington would be indestructible, as for shearing

    deerstalker.308 Today, 18:37 Go to last post

    I have just bought a classic car

    I remember my beetle drum brakes being lethal in a morning when I presume a little damp. You only had to touch them and you head butted the windscreen.

    Yorkie Today, 18:36 Go to last post

    Shooting wood pigeon over decoys with .22lr?

    Honest enquiry. I know its commonly done with shotgun and air rifle, but does anyone do this with a rimfire? Is it considered 'the done thing' or not?

    Sheprador1973 Today, 18:35 Go to last post