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    What has happened to our NHS?

    Their health service for joe public isn't anything special the only reason that they love to do "visitors" quickly is because they charge through

    Rasputin Today, 10:51 Go to last post

    New laws required?

    Completely agree with you! There is also a total absolution of personal responsibility which drives me insane - At some point these people have to accept

    stubear Today, 10:39 Go to last post

    Lee bench primer adapter broken. Return?

    Thats very kind John. Yours certainly looks far more sturdy than the Lee. I would stick with it if I were you. Just heard back and they want me to send

    Sheprador1973 Today, 10:26 Go to last post


    If it hasn't gone i will take it

    geordieh Today, 10:26 Go to last post


    Yes , I might be able to pick it up for you if it’s not to far out the way .?
    my mate lives in Witney and if all goes to plan I am helping

    tom Today, 10:17 Go to last post