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    Blaser R8 Barrel 6.5x55

    Cool , just let me know if it becomes available . Atb

    unicorn71 Today, 19:56 Go to last post

    Brilliant Scotland win at Murrayfield

    Got to give it to you Scotland you out shone us , very well done good game.

    JSW Today, 19:56 Go to last post

    Who uses a fixed scope

    I use S&B 7x50 on my .270 Tikka for stalking. Never felt a need for variable. I have 3-12x56 on my. 22 Cz I use for rabbits, but it is set at 7. I

    203itl Today, 19:56 Go to last post

    22 Hornet ammunition box

    I have a .22 hornet mtm box. Clear blue. Says a load of calibres on the bottom, but says, when sold as .22horn... 22.hornet, 30carbine. 6x47 in the bullet

    stalker.308 Today, 19:53 Go to last post

    Quad sticks

    I have a set of quad sticks with a fifth leg. I use this all the time with .17 to 308 and use it for zeroing the guns as it is so stable. You need to

    Moleman Today, 19:49 Go to last post