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    Stressy ?

    Good point. You’re better off posting a brief description on the internet. Then someone random who’s never met you or your dog can tell you

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    Edinburgh Rifles

    90gn GMX 25 06

    They (Hornady) run them fast and light as the history of reliable expansion is less than stellar (as any FC ranger who used them in the early days)

    Edinburgh Rifles Today, 16:55 Go to last post

    State has concocted new charges against Tommy Robinson

    Robinson is to be tried [at the Old Bailey!] for (1) breaching reporting restriction (2) making statistically correct statements about certain UK crimes

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    The Madness of Plod


    yeah nice editing once again,, the "final sentence" is not part of my post, even though it's made

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    Stressy ?

    And play the guessing game with them at ££££ a visit.
    Obviously if she looks to be in pain or if there are signs of any lasting damage then that

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