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    vehicle and distance?

    I've always loved the look of them. Well, the Freelander 1 that is. I've never really liked the F2, and I really don't think it's aged well. The vast

    Woodsmoke Today, 10:58 Go to last post
    crouch valley

    DMQ to charge AW's

    Spot on Monkey Spanker that would be far more easier.
    As an AW myself I have never charged anyone for undertaking a level 2 portfolio in fact Iím

    crouch valley Today, 10:58 Go to last post

    vehicle and distance?

    Avoid anything range rover or landrover because in the end you will be burning £50 notes. If money no object then a Landcruiser.


    Cyres Today, 10:56 Go to last post

    Bull craper

    We had one of those on a shoot I was on. At a suggestion from me he was nicknamed 'Didye' . . . . .

    Every time he came out with some piece

    Woodsmoke Today, 10:51 Go to last post

    vehicle and distance?

    sorry if I offended you mate, or any other homosexuals, it was tongue in cheek .ie its wants to be a LR , but looks like a hairdressers chelsea tractor,

    Kjf Today, 10:47 Go to last post