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    The fourth Horseman

    The Madness of Plod

    The fourth Horseman Today, 16:07 Go to last post

    90gn GMX 25 06

    I have ordered a few boxes from my local ‘smith, if they group ok I’ll use them for the hinds and does this year as I need to be on monolithics on one

    JH83 Today, 16:06 Go to last post

    .308 prices.

    What he said. If they have what you want, get a box and use it, how much are you spending on the rifle, scope etc, an overpriced box of ammo now and again

    deerstalker.308 Today, 16:05 Go to last post


    For years I did all mine with a cheap Aldi mincer.It always clogged up but did what I wanted.I then changed to an Italian Trespade Mincer, what a difference.Absolutely

    gelert Today, 16:05 Go to last post


    I bought the “breem panther” for around £100 9 years ago, it’s processed hundreds of kg over that time, and (touch wood) still will

    deerstalker.308 Today, 16:02 Go to last post