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    What other type of hunting would you like to try?

    Is there any style of hunting you'd like to try before you die? Lets hear what they are.
    There are no rights, or wrong. One country its legal, another

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    Neck turning experiment

    I found that neck turning gives more consistent neck tension thus giving better groupings and so does increase fps for some reason dont no why the only

    robus10T Today, 01:38 Go to last post

    ZKK 600 rifle stock purchased

    TSS I did ask and received this in reply. I can only go on what he said.

    No mate it’s not a Westley Richards clone. It’s an

    johngryphon Today, 01:38 Go to last post

    Brass sale,

    Hi there how many 7.62x51 ggg ya got. Thanks

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    robus10T Today, 01:30 Go to last post

    Photon 6.5x50

    Hi there was looking at buying a photon 6.5x50 for rabbiting on a 22lr wat everybodys thoughts or should i buy an xtn.

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