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    Beaters paying tax

    Banus, this sounds ...er..."unorthodox". I'm no expert but P60s summarise tax paid through PAYE by employees.
    If you receive money for

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    Stock for Tikka T3

    Does anybody me know Smokey on the forum personally? Iv been trying this get in touch with him but I gather he’s not on here that much, anyone pm

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    270 or 30 06

    I really don’t bother about how efficient the cartridge is I just shoot what I like. I started with a 270 and have always used one and love it.

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    30mm bar for lapping and fitting scope rings

    You are a braver soul than I, my eyes are no longer up to that fine work. Some jewelers rouge would be a good bedding polish to smooth up the faces with.

    Bavarianbrit Today, 17:20 Go to last post
    Monarch Country Products

    New October Product Listings At Monarch Country Products

    Hi All

    We have a few new products on our site this month which may be of interest:

    • "Tear-Drop" oak Roe Shields

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