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    FEO confused me thinks

    All my rifles are for "deer and AOLQ" including the .22lr and HMR where deer clearly aren't the initial good reason for the grant.

    nun_hunter Today, 09:50 Go to last post

    The Black Dot of Doom 2017 - back to haunt us.

    I don't use them either & indeed do as you suggest; I was just suggesting that most people do probably lug a rifle around with one attached.

    McKenzie Today, 09:48 Go to last post

    Vectan SP7 .308 Load Data

    The confusion i've been having is with their bullet types - GS (Grand Slam?!) and RWS KS - Cant even find the abbreviation in their paperwork (http://www.lhs-germany.de/uploads/me...ta_2014_01.pdf

    d0nni Today, 09:46 Go to last post

    FEO confused me thinks

    I'm not sure that's right.
    If it says you can use the rifle for 'xxxx and AOLQ', then I think it is reasonable to take at face value that it means

    Dalua Today, 09:39 Go to last post

    Ase utra compact jet z

    I'm just off junc 2 of the m27 if anyone wants to take a look [emoji3]

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    pete65 Today, 09:39 Go to last post