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    An Aussie problem you Poms will never have with high seats.

    They may not understand but I surely do. Controlled burns are an annual event in the Southeastern US. Some pine species, like the long leaf, absolutely

    Cootmeurer Today, 02:46 Go to last post

    pulsar n355 digital night vision

    What are you shooting and what range? If its foxes past 150yds buy a Drone Pro 10x optical mag, the 3.5x mag of the N355 is ok for close up work but using

    .243Hunter Today, 02:29 Go to last post

    Unusual calibres for stalking

    Never seen one in the flesh sadly so i cannot really comment. But one of the things i like about the no.1 is the british styling, the whole heavy game

    Roro Today, 01:33 Go to last post

    Right to own?

    I am of the opinion that we are splitting hairs. If you want to call it a right, feel free. Personally I do think it's a right, but also an absolute privilege.

    Pedro Today, 01:30 Go to last post

    Remington Going Bankrupt?

    Remembering back, i had a .220 swift varmint model, a sporter in .17 rem, both bought brand new, both were fine in the accuracy dept and the triggers

    Roro Today, 01:27 Go to last post