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    Any one got an explanation?

    It looks more like an old fence injury as suggested by Banus. If it were a bullet injury wouldn’t there be more skin and flesh damage visible?

    Willie Today, 15:43 Go to last post

    Where to practice / zero Northern england?

    I am in the same boat and I live darn sarf. Bisley will only accept you if you have a DSC1 and that's what I want to practice for. Help!!!!!

    morrisman Today, 15:42 Go to last post

    Heads Up - Cheap trail cams.

    well after the del due date is up they have admitted they are unable to deliver seems they are out of stock but they are still advertising on the bay'

    greenshoots Today, 15:39 Go to last post

    Any one got an explanation?

    Interesting post, thanks for sharing on the forum

    Dozycrow Today, 15:37 Go to last post

    Moss killer

    power spray it off is still your best bet and improve drainage and shade ie cultural methods


    greenshoots Today, 15:34 Go to last post