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    Do I really need a dog?

    I have a mate who uses nothing but a 458 Win Mag on deer. He said he never lost one and I believe him but it weights too much for my liking.

    mchughcb Today, 13:06 Go to last post

    Solo Red Handling - Rear Rack

    What about something along the lines of what the MOD use to remove spare tyres on the back of Land Rovers? Basically a big canvas attached to the back

    ed.poore Today, 13:06 Go to last post
    Uncle Norm

    Shotgun slap

    That's a really good outcome for you. Well done to Tim and Peter.
    I have experienced two such 'Oo-er its me!!' moments. One was persistently

    Uncle Norm Today, 13:05 Go to last post

    best spay on


    for things like jackets and breeks


    bobjs Today, 13:04 Go to last post

    Solo Red Handling - Rear Rack

    At the time in question there were no covenient branches of suitable strength. Very few decent branches in pine that have clear throw path.

    lambic Today, 13:00 Go to last post