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    Greener Jim

    Unusual calibres for stalking

    Ahh so 6mm Remington, 6BR, 6-284, 300 H&H, 30-40 Krag are all fine then plus many others. No perversion at all, perfect.

    Greener Jim Today, 20:13 Go to last post

    Bullet advice

    I dont use a .308 but for my .270 I like HEAVY FOR CALIBER rounds for smaller deer such as roe and fallow, the lighter rounds are traveling so fast they

    fangest Today, 20:05 Go to last post

    50 letter from my GP to renew my licience!!

    Just my twopenneth, but if you give permission for your GP to advise the Police as to your mental/psychological condition, they decide not to respond

    bish789 Today, 20:04 Go to last post

    50 letter from my GP to renew my licience!!

    You have a bit of a shock coming .... when is your cert due ?

    Ingy. Do not pay the doctor. Do nothing. Don't write to anyone or call anyone,

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    Getting out with good company thats what its all about

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