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    MV for home load 6.5x55 help

    And here is another loading to push along those beautiful 120gr Nosler BTs.. I recently found that whilst H4350 tends to be one of the more reliable

    Blobby159 Today, 02:53 Go to last post

    .50 bmg ban or not?

    I'm not against everybody owning any chambering provided there is a good reason for them not to do so.

    That's freedom.

    mchughcb Today, 02:47 Go to last post

    History, and current 30-06

    The poachers just keep spraying lead until whatever unfortunate beast they are taking falls over.

    Roro Today, 01:25 Go to last post

    Redding 308 Dies!

    Still looking!

    karbon77 Today, 00:37 Go to last post

    .50 bmg ban or not?

    Looks like most of the people in this forum don't have enough room at home for a dog or enough money to put a roof on a high seat yet you make the argument

    mchughcb Yesterday, 23:54 Go to last post