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    RifleMags.co.uk any good?

    Thanks to everyone for responding. Thats some very positive feedback

    RifleTuner Today, 04:22 Go to last post

    consideration of custom over factory rifles

    Well the old girls stock started life as a Win factory then I saw a mate making fibreglass stocks so I HAD to have one,I reckon I was the first bloke

    johngryphon Today, 04:19 Go to last post

    consideration of custom over factory rifles

    +1 for kershaw. 'Man in a shed' dont know why youd put down riflesmiths like that, most of them make alot better job than production line rifles.

    Chikentikka Today, 03:43 Go to last post

    The BBC sticking the knife in again

    We've been through this before in the David Bieber case, an American criminal living under a false identity in Leeds who shot a police traffic officer

    Laurie Today, 02:13 Go to last post

    Looking for am electronic fox caller

    Think I must try one of these and drag myself into the 21st. Century. Have to say I have foxed many years using just the back of my hand or just kinda

    Blobby159 Today, 02:12 Go to last post