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    Eddie P

    Cronagragh rifle

    Why will they only do it with mod off?
    I've found more reliable results with mod on as less gasses to cause erroneous readings.

    Eddie P Today, 20:55 Go to last post

    Primer Catcher for Rock Chucker Supreme IV

    Can’t find link but it was same guy who makes the targetmaster trickler.

    rwade545 Today, 20:55 Go to last post

    Which 20/22 cf rifle cal day setup

    If you reload and don't want to shoot much past 200 yards .22 hornet is a cracking combined fox and vermin round, my battered old 527 in this calibre

    Boydy47 Today, 20:54 Go to last post

    Energy vs Momentum

    At the end of the day an arrow and a bullet are the same thing, just a different design and speed. One can possibly learn a lot from just looking at ballistic

    ejg Today, 20:52 Go to last post

    Leave the EU immediately

    This ^^^ Then wait and see what all the european industries that sell billions of of goods to us tell the european leaders to go and do

    rodp Today, 20:48 Go to last post