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  1. Captain Jon

    Welcom from another Sako 85 with Nightforce NSX stalker. .270 Carbonlight new last month which replaces an 85 Stainless Laminate,which is currently up for sale in the clasifieds on this site.
  2. >270 Sako Powerhead in 130 grain?

    Do Sako do a 130 grain Power head 2 in .270. I seem to find freference to it on some sites but not on Sako or GMK, seems odd that thye would not do a loading in 130 grain for a .270?
  3. Air Source Heat Pumps

    Really.Then why does Thorsen refer to leaving the doors open in his post above to allow air to circulate around the house, presumably from a fixed unit in one room? No need to do that with the system you have described? To get an accurate answer you need to post an accurate description!
  4. Air Source Heat Pumps

    Your description is a split A/C system using an air to refrigerant heat exchange process located within the external compressor heat pump to provide heating & cooling through the same refigerant lines to the ceiling mounted units in the relevant rooms, which can be seperatly controlled & no need...
  5. Air Source Heat Pumps

    Out of interest & given that a high tech heat pump installation is a considerable investment that will cost 3 , 4 or possibly more times what a standard oil or gas boiler would cost with air to air if you do not use ducting how do you controllably distribute the heat to individual rooms in a...
  6. Which Copper solvent?

    Gents Thank you very much for the help & info, looks like the Sweets will go to the back of the shelf when it arrives & I will be having a close look at KG 12 & Bore Tech Cu+2 products to remove copper fouling.
  7. For Sale: 12v Winch etc

    Still for sale?
  8. For Sale: Hilux Invincible

    I have for sale a Toyota Hilux 3.0 Invincible Dark Grey mettalic, 2013, manual, one owner from new (me) with 87k, Sammitr V2 steel body colour hardtop with sliding side windows, tow bar, very good condition. Looking for £15'000.00 no VAT
  9. For Sale: Sako 85 .270

    Fors sale my Sako 85 Stainless Laminated "Grey Wolf" in .270 less than 200 rounds fired & in near new condition, see photos. Muzzle threaded 14 x 1mm. For sale as I have just purchased a new Sako Carbonlight in .270. Comes with original box & manual. Located in Essex & can be sold through RFD...
  10. Which Copper solvent?

    Sugetions on what is the best bore cleaning solvent & is it best to use 2 products one for genral carbon fouling followed by one for copper or one product that claims to do all in one go? Forgot to mention it is a stainless barrel if that makes a difference? Any opinions on Sweets copper solvent?
  11. What powder?

    Can anyone recommend powders to try with 130 grain .270 monolithic bullets? I am going to transition to either Barnes TTSX or Hornady GMX over the next few months & will be looking to develop a load based around one or the other of these bullets?
  12. Which Quad?

    Looking at upgrading my existing Yamaha Kodiak Quad & have the following on the short list all would need to be able to be agricultural road registered, quiet & economical. Does anyone have any experience or the following bought new recently or know of any issues with any of them? Polaris...
  13. Air Source Heat Pumps

    They do work but with limitations, they can provide adequate heat input for space heating subject to the comments below but they do not heat domestic hot water to above 60 c for safe legionella control of indeed use for general domestic hot water without boosting the temperature up by another...
  14. Garmin Alpha 200 i

    Many thanks, was actually looking to see if you could track each other ( 2 stalkers over 20'000 hectares) if you both have a reciver unit & 1 dog, mine. Is there any advantage to getting a European or USA unit & getting it "Patched" What is patched, something to do with the operating frequency?
  15. Weimeraner

    many thanks, will do just that.
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