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  1. 178 ELD-X Reload Swiss .30-06

    Hi, I ended up going with the RS60 in the end. My Tikka .30-06 seems to like the 178 ELDX and with the RS60 it's putting a nice tight group down at just shy of 3,000fps. I developed this load mostly for Stags on the open hill but I have shot a couple of roe buck with it lately and it's performed...
  2. reticle alignment

    Aye Ken, I did ....and back in 2007 too! Funny how this thread has popped up again... but all the methods still pertinent today as it was then. Wondering whilst Wandering pays dividends! Thanks all!
  3. Reload Swiss powder choice for 6.5x47Lapua

    Thanks all very much! Rifle gets on well with RL15 shooting 120 and 130 grain pills. Fancied a bit more mv if pushing the 140+ and a 20inch barrel. RS60 is looking good!
  4. Reload Swiss powder choice for 6.5x47Lapua

    Hi all, Any recommendations for reload swiss powders for 143grain ELD-X in 6.5x47Lapua? 20 inch 1:8 twist barrel... All thoughts and advice greatfully recieved. Cheers, Miles
  5. 178 ELD-X Reload Swiss .30-06

    Thanks fella's! Yep, the RS62 is looking like the favourite. It might suit my 6.5x47 too....
  6. 178 ELD-X Reload Swiss .30-06

    Hi all, I'm looking to work up a new load for my .30-06 using Reload Swiss powder. The projectile is the Hornady 178 grain ELD-X Anyone have any advice and experience re which powder from their range to go with? It seems RS60, RS62, RS70 & RS80 are all potential contenders. Thanks in...
  7. Load Development Process

    So... the attached is essentially a ladder test shot at 100m. .30-06 180 grain Hornady SST VHIT N160 in 1 grain increments All seated at 15thou off the lands. The pencil dots are the very centre of each shot. Am i looking at a massive node here?
  8. Load Development Process

    No problem! Its been a great thread. Educational, practical, friendly, lots of sharing of techniques, views and opinions and not a snide comment or squabble to be seen. A testiment to the SD members. Thanks all for your contributions. Miles Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  9. Load Development Process

    Thank you all for your input. I have been reading all your posts with intrest and many interesting points raised. I will upload some of my groups for analysis when i have a moment. My next question is: What does a string of shots indicate? a.) Vertical b.) Horizontal Thanks and happy...
  10. Load Development Process

    Hi all, I’m curious to know how you all go about your load development process. Everything I find online relates to extreme long range and doing ladder tests at 300+ yards. They also seem to require burning through 100 or so rounds before settling on their chosen recipe. Please share with...
  11. Wanted: Pulsar Quantum XQ50

    Looking for one of these if any one has one going for a reasonable and fair market price? Thanks, M
  12. Standard Deviation & Relaoding

    Hi Muir, thanks very much. Yes, my Chrono does indeed give SD and ES. As well as Min, Max and Average. Its the Caldwell one that plugs directly into your smartphone so you have all the data at your fingertips. Its excellent! Shoot at 100y and in 5 shot groups. Thanks everyone for your...
  13. Standard Deviation & Relaoding

    Hi all, Earlier this year I investedin a Chrono. What I’m curious about is how much notice one should give to Standard Deviation (SD) and what correlation that has to ones grouping. As far as I understand its really just a quantifiable measurement of how consistentyour reloading process is. I’m...
  14. 180 grain SST too much for a Red Stag?

    Thanks all for your replies. I use the 150 SST normally but purchased some 180sst for a boar trip and keen to use them up. I have used the sst in 243, 6.5 and .30 cal and always found their accuracy, consistency and terminal performance excellent.
  15. 180 grain SST too much for a Red Stag?

    Hi all. Does anyone have any real world experience of how the 180 grain Hornady SST performs of Red deer when shot from .30-06? They worked well on Boar but mildly concerned they may not fully expand on Highland Stags... Thanks in advance, Miles